About Us

Property Village Banking

The proximity of relations, security of ownership, ease of payment, and the peace of mind that you desire when you consider investing in real estate is what we, at Piggybankie Group Limited, strategically provide you with.

With the advent of social media disrupting human interaction and fellowship as we have come to know it, there is an urgent need to restore the spirit of community which has always been the preserve of community. As Africa’s most disruptive real estate investment firm, our whole mission boils down to this. We have dug into our history as a people and are engaging the potent, age-old weapon of community to help everyone – at home, and in diaspora – achieve their home goals. 

As you begin with us, it feels right, everything …because we are constantly thinking of you, your neighbor’s and everyone. We know that we are stronger together; this is why we want you to come, so we can explore as one, the possibilities of building a new, stronger and more beautiful Africa.

Piggybankie Group Limited. We are ready. Are you?

What We Do

We want every African to have access to standard houses in serene environments, with flexible payment options. We see everyone as a potential home owner and our hopes are indeed high for you.

We have identified village banking for property as an effective tool that would not only solve the prevailing affordable housing shortages in Africa but will also improve social health. We know it is possible to see the end of tenancy, if we all make the right investment decisions and we are committed to helping you do just that.

We believe in the power of collaboration and synergy; thus, we will leverage on the strength of community to help you achieve your objectives. Founded on the traditional thrift mechanism, we unite a group of investors with the same saving goals to crowd-fund property development in a choice location with their monthly savings, and at the end of the saving period; every investor becomes a property owner!

How We Do It

We believe in the power of collaboration and synergy; thus, we will leverage on the strength of community to help you achieve your objectives. We unite you with a group of investors with similar saving goals to crowd-fund property development, and by the end of the investment cycle, each person walks away with property they may decide to lease or sell.

Our Process

We partner with local Zambian builders to identify and develop available lands, using funds from joint communal contributions. We also have verifiable links to national insurance companies, so you don’t have to worry about loss of your property to natural or man-induced disasters. We got you covered!
Our projects are delivered using the village banking microcredit methodology – an ancient culture in which financial services are administered locally rather than centrally in a formal bank, an alternative which has proven to be a more effective means of owning homes. Properties developed are then allocated to members of our thrift society.

Our Strategy

If we reach the one next to us and the one next to you, we are confident that in no time at all, we’ll have everyone willing and able to build a new, stronger, and more beautiful Africa.

Our target audience cut across people from various walks of life that have maximum interest in being a homeowner. Our services are designed to fit the following client:

  • The Zambian Diaspora
  • Middle to low-income earners in Zambia
  • Women and youth

Our Drive

We undertake schemes with a goal in mind – to rewrite the narrative of the 21st Century rural Africa. We believe that together we can build a new, stronger and more beautiful continent. This is why our main areas of investment within the property market are low to middle socio-economic areas, so that we can:

  • Make these areas habitable for dwellers.
  • Bring innovation to community development.
  • Create jobs for the locals
  • And boost local supply chain industries through our projects

We are confident that through this process, we will play our part in the attainment of the sustainable development goals 3, 8, 9 and 17 which advocate good health and well-being, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure as well as partnership.

We are ready. Are you?

“If we can save together, we can build together”