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Why are village banking savings groups so underutilised and removed from capital investment for property? And why do we think banks alone can solve the current challenges of housing finance?

Traditional village banking is good, but it is not effective. See, the problem with traditional village banking is that it only focuses on short term gain and sometimes personal circumstances demand the contributions to be channeled to fund all sorts of problems or unplanned projects.

This was Cynthia and Chaiwe’s fundamental criticism of their village banking saving group, which led them to seek ways of changing the traditional approach to village banking and traditional mortgage type of buying property. Wanting to ignite a new movement in property investment, they founded Piggybankie, a property development and investment social enterprise that rests on three pillars: group savings, individual ownership, and co-design.

The traditional way of collecting or saving money as a group was good. Some call it contributions, susu, chilimba, also known as village banking. It’s been done for several years and it works. The problem is you as the contributor, don’t earn any interest, don’t get any revenue, and you have to wait your turn to get your portion of contributions as you can understand this is not a smart way to BUILD WEALTH’.

We identify as innovators of collaborative processes of the idea of group funding for property in Africa. We redefined the concept of group savings as we organise groups or existing groups of people and coordinate them to put money together per month for a set saving period and use that money to build an affordable residential dwelling for each member which is interest free, mortgage free, such that when the house is built, the returns or profits are instant!

You don’t need to wait for the mortgage to be repaid or interest on a loan to be repaid or wait many years to finish building. At the end of your saving period, you are guaranteed a house with no debt, so your profits are instant plus a bonus stress-free build because PiggyBankie takes on that stress for you! In addition, don’t stress about how the house will be maintained either because we got that covered too!

We find clients to rent your property and manage your maintenance through a small maintenance fee collection. Furthermore, we are doing our part in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and enhance our ability to respond to climate change. All our building projects are green builds, we focus on using sustainable materials and methods such as green energy, filtered groundwater, to create green spaces that allow the residents of our communities to love where they live.

An investment property will give you residual income through the returns you get from renting it out or you can sell it. We all know that once a house is built on a piece of land, the land gains more value.

‘If we can save together. We can build together’


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